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Care of Linen

For optimum care for your linen, please treat it kindly and wash in a cold water wash on delicate or wool cycle.
Hang your linen inside out to assist with color fix when drying.
It loves a stiff breeze and allows you to simply wear again without ironing once removed from the washing line.

Absorb new stains with a baking soda mixture*
Make a baking soda paste with 4 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with equal amounts of water. Mix and apply gently so you don’t rub the paste into the stain. After the paste has dried and sat for about 15 to 30 minutes, scrape off any excess paste before washing the linens normally.  

Greasy stain?*
If you have accidentally spilled butter or oil on your linen wet the affected area and gently rub with dish-washing liquid before washing as normal. This also works well on cotton and silk but please patch test silk for color loss before treating the whole area.

*Before using any stain removal method or commercial stain remover liquid or paste, test it on some invisible part of your linen fabric (e.g. inner hem of the dress) in order to see how it affects the fabric before using on the stain.

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